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Big Pro Toy Double Rocket Gumball Pro Line Metal Candy Combo Machine
Big Pro Toy Double Rocket Gumball  Pro Line  Metal  Candy Combo Machine
Big Pro Toy Double Rocket Gumball Pro Line Metal Candy Combo Machine
Item#: ML3400
Regular price: $714.96
Sale price: $607.93
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Product Description
The LYPC Big Pro & Mighty Mite Rocket Vendor are the best bulk merchandise vendor you can buy. It's reliability and dependability is second to none. Rugged all metal construction and a heavy duty coin mechanism makes it perfect even for the roughest locations. Cash box is included for easy collections. This is our most popular combination. If you're really serious about vending this is the best set up for your locations. It comes with a 1 year warranty & 30 day money back guarantee.

Vending Machine Specifications: Height: 65 inches Width: 24 inches Depth: 20 inches Consists of One 25 inche Big Pro 2 inch Capsule Vendors, two Mighty Mite Rocket Gumball or Toy Candy Machines,three Pro line Gumball Candy Machines and one Heavy Duty Rack Capsule Capacity: 180 Capsules per Capsule Machine Candy Capacity: 12 lbs per head Rocket Gumball Capacity: 425 Coin capacity: $387.00 in quarters Capsule Machine: Metal construction, all metal 50 cent drop thru coin mechanism ( 2 Quarters). Candy Machines: all metal 25 cent drop thru coin mechanism (1 quarter). Optional 75 cent or $1.00 coin mechanism Vends 2 inch toy capsules, 49mm bouncy balls, candy or 2 inch gumballs

Thank you for shopping at Gumball Machine Factory .Com, we sincerely appreciate your business! Everybody loves Gumballs. The gumball machine has been one of the most iconic products in American history. From kids to adults of all ages people have been enjoying gumballs and candy dispensed from vending machines. Our goal is to offer the largest selection of gumball and candy machines, Toy Capsule Machine, vending stickers, vending tattoos, bulk candy & toy refills at the lowest possible prices for all of our customers, whether you are a vending operator, business owner or just want a machine for a gift or personal use. We offer quality service and competitive pricing on Bulk Vending supplies. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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